The primary vision at Direct Physical Therapy Boise is to create a service where the PATIENT is at the center of the care they receive. The arrow in the logo represents strength, power, and direction. It represents YOU being in control of your healthcare choices, and taking direct and purposeful action to improve your health. It is believed (actually we know) that most problems related to the musculoskeletal system can be solved without prescribing medications, without expensive tests and procedures, and without surgery. Unfortunately, we are currently in a healthcare system that is continuing to increase our deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses, yet not changing or improving the quality of care we receive. More prescriptions are being filled, expensive and unnecessary MRI’s are being taken, and unwarranted surgeries are being performed. I believe that is unacceptable. In my model of patient-centered care, you are treated with respect, continuously informed and educated about your body, engaged in treatments that WORK, and supported through the entire process. My goal and passion is to offer what we all deserve when it comes to our health, both exceptional quality AND efficiency. A straight-forward, direct solution that is plain and simple.


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