“I had my first visit with Rita last week regarding chronic low back pain which began as a disc injury years ago. Since then the pain has flared up off and on throughout the years. At the end of my treatment, my lower back felt more stable, and I had a noticeable increase in low back range of motion. I was so impressed with Rita’s knowledge and her attention to detail. Also- she actually LISTENED to me. She used not only what she found during my assessment but also used my feedback to determine which exercises would be best for me. And best part?? No need to travel to an office or wait in traffic. 10/10 I would recommend Direct PT Boise!” Jillaine S.

“I had been struggling with siatic nerve pain for months. I had tried foam rollers, stretches, chiropractic work, heating, icing and still no relief. I met with Rita and within 24 hours the pain was significantly reduced and within 48 hours the pain was 90% gone! My favorite part? Rita not only taught ME how to manage the pain, but how I needed to treat the source of the pain! These are simple stretching exercises I can do on my own!
Thank you Rita at Direct Physical Therapy!” Leslie V.

“Rita was my physical therapist for my knee replacement. She was a key player in my recovery. She was pleasant to work with and knowledgeable in all aspects of PT. I am truly glad that I was able to work with her.” Linda H.

“I love a Rita’s commitment to her patients and the variety of techniques she uses!! She is very knowledgeable, experienced and includes a focus on self directed exercises to help speed the recovery process. So convenient that she comes to you and can take her time with her patients.” Ari C.

“I recently had the pleasure of a physical therapy session with Rita at my office. She is thorough, knowledgeable, practical, and caring. If you haven’t considered mobile physical therapy, I highly encourage you to do so with Rita. You will love her treatment and her simple, easy to understand instructions for self treatment exercise to do between sessions. She even has a handy mobile app to share with you to guide you through your treatments easy day. Thank you, Rita!” Barry K.

“Rita is the real deal! If you’re stuck in the machine of the current health care system and want some real results instead, do yourself a favor and call Rita!” Adrian A.

“Rita is a nice lady and a great therapist. When I had my knee surgery, she pushed me, but in a nice way. She was always looking out for what was best for me, reading my personality, and pushing me a little beyond the point I could handle. She is and was awesome and I got back to work quicker that predicted. Thank you Rita!”glad that I was able to work with her.” Bruce R.